• Located in open desert terrain in northwestern Imperial County,
    southwest of the Salton Sea and the town of Salton City.

  • Shallow exploratory drilling conducted by industry in the early
    1980's identified an extensive thermal anomaly

  • A deep well drilled by Phillips Petroleum in 1982 identified a
    350-370 deg F convective zone within a thick section of
    porous reservoir sands in late Tertiary, basin-filling sediments

  • Flow testing of the Phillips deep well indicated a low-salinity
    reservoir fluid with TDS < 4,000 ppm

    LEA Development History at Truckhaven

  • In 2001, Layman Energy Associates (LEA) secured leasing rights
    on approximately 3,200 acres of federal and private lands in the
    Truckhaven area

  • In 2003, LEA conducted geologic and geophysical surveys in the
    Truckhaven area, partially funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy GRED II program totaling $349,000.  

  • In May, 2005 LEA received a $700,000 grant from the California Energy Commission GRDA program to support drilling and
    flow testing of a production test well.

  • In December, 2004, LEA signed a development agreement with Iceland America Energy, Inc. (IAE) to cooperate on
    development of the Truckhaven project.  IAE is a partnership of Icelandic public utilities and geothermal engineering firms
    and U.S.-based firms with extensive local experience in geothermal development.

  • In July 2006, IAE signed a power sales agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric for 50 MW of power from the Truckhaven

  • In 2008, IAE completed testing of its initial exploratory well at the Truckhaven project which encountered a thick-section of
    porous sands above 4,500 feet suitable for injection and a bottom hole temperature over 350 deg F.

  • In June, 2011 Nevada Geothermal Power, Inc. (NGP) acquired IAE's assets at the Truckhaven project, and LEA retains an
    interest in the project via a linked agreement with NGP's successor-in-interest, Alternative Earth Resources, Inc.
Drilling rig under contract with Iceland America
Energy, Inc. at the Truckhaven geothermal project   
(photo: David Baker for San Francisco Chronicle)